4 Easy Fast Girl Face Painting Ideas

When it comes to face painting at public events where you have a million kids lining up, it is essential to have your few faces which will definitely be loved by the kids as well as take you a minimum amount of time to face paint. At these large events I will usually have a face painting board showing my top 4 girl fast easy quick faces as well as my top 4 fast boy faces which you can find here

All of these girl face painting designs are super popular and so easy to execute. The main face painting brushes used are 3/4 inch angled flat brush, 1/2 flat inch angled brush and a number 2 & 3 round brush. I have used Silly Farms Twighlight Pixie Rainbow Cake as well as Dublin by Global Colours, Leannes Rainbow by Global and Teddy Bear split cake by TAG.

This face painting class is a fun one so grab a willing face and try these out with me.

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