Batman face paint step by step – How to face paint Batman

Young boys just love this Batman face paint. Super heroes seem to be an all time favourite for kids, they will never grow out of popularity so in my opinion it is crucial as a face painter to know at least a couple of super hero face painting designs to keep the kids happy at the next kids party, community event or festival.

This Batman face painting design consists of a lot of black paint and in large areas. We start off by making the sunset at the top of the child’s forehead, then begin painting the outline of the Batman shaped mask which resembles Batman’s silhouette. Once this is completed we fill it in with black using a Filbert face painting brush to  get maximum coverage quickly.

Finally we finish off with making some highlights, stars and scattered dots to liven it up.

Hope you love it and have a lot of fun face painting it.

Happy Face Painting!

Maria xo

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