Calla Lily Face Painting How to face paint Calla Lilys

Calla Lily’s are a joy to face paint. You can really mix it up by using different split cakes and making some very unique Calla’s. It is not that often that I get asked to face paint Calla Lily’s however in the odd occasion, I find that it is mainly teenagers and adults who ask for Calla Lily’s to be face painted on them.

This beautiful bunch of Calla Lily’s can be face painted on the side of the eye where you can have Calla Lily’s spanning from the top of the eye, around the eye and down to the cheek bone. With careful placement of the Calla Lily’s this often looks very pretty.

in today’s tutorial, we use Global Colours Kalahari Split Cake as well as Global Colours Amazon split cake. Global’s Kalahari is a very pretty split cake which offers gentle apricot tones along with a striking Magenta. I generally use this one for face painting flowers.

In this Calla Lily tutorial I run through the necessary brush strokes that that you will need to practice in order to achieve your Calla Lily. I hope you enjoy it and make sure that you leave me a comment or share your Calla Lily face paining with me.

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