Easy Spider Face Paint – How to Face Paint a Spider

Easy Spider face painting design.

When it comes to face painting boys, we all know as face painters that the vast majority of them can not sit still. I don’t blame them when there is so many cool things to do at a kids party!

This easy to follow spider face paint class will have you speeding your way through a long line of eager to party boys.

The fastest and best way that I have found to face paint on a spiders body is by using a face painting dauber. You can buy face painting dauber’s in many sizes at just about any face painting store online. The one that I’m using for this spider face painting class is a medium size one. It will depend on the area that you are face painting on as to what size you will need.

I have used a split cake called ‘Neon Nirvana’ which is very vibrant. You can also use other colour combination split cakes as well.

Firstly I loaded up my face painting dauber with the split cake picking up the colours that I want the spiders body to be. I then dabbed it on the spot creating a large circle.

With a number 2 face painting round brush, begin outlining the round circle and painting on a small spike as a tail. Then we will paint the spiders head. Lastly we will paint on the spiders legs one by one, each leg consisting of 3 brush strokes from thick to thin.

If you have time you can paint on a white spiderweb and outline the spider or add some glitter, however the spider on its own I think is very effective and would make any boy or girl very happy 🙂

Happy Painting!

Maria Mitchell xo

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