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Welcome to my online face painting classes! I have been face painting for over 6 years and am excited about teaching you and providing you with lessons on face painting. In my complete course you will learn all of the foundations on face painting and everything you need to get you started in this exciting creative career.

face painting classes maria mitchell
Me face painting at a Christmas Event

I have always loved colour and have always loved seeing others in their creativity. I am extremely blessed in working in what i love doing which is face paint kids and adults. My face painting career allows me to have flexibility in my work life and it allows me to explore my creative abilities.

Since I started my face painting business, I have watched it sky rocket to success. In our booming population there is a ton of mums and dads out there who want to take their childrens birthday parties to the next level with face painting. During my 10 years in face painting at kids parties and festivals, I have had a multitude of mothers that have asked me how to learn to face paint and have expressed a great deal of interest in starting their own business in face painting, their enthusiasm and drive motivates me to bring to you my complete course in face painting.

face painter maria mitchell
Here i’m face painting at a local kids festival

This face painting course online will allow you to learn all of the necessary foundational skills that you need to master in order to become a professional, successful face painter. It does not take an overly talented person to reach success in making a great steady income as a face painter, all you need is the motivation and a bit of time invested to learn and practice.

My face painting classes online are super easy to follow and show you step by step instructions on how to achieve stunning face paint designs. You can stream or download my entire course which allows you to repeat any class that you need when you need it.

I never thought it would be possible to make a living out of my creative inhibitions however now i am so  happy to be working in something that brings me joy and allows me to do what I love the most!

My Face Painting Classes Online

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