Face Painting Classes – Using split cakes and rainbow cakes

In this face painting class, I show you how we use split cakes and rainbow cakes. Split cakes have revolutionised face painting in the sense that it makes it so much easier for us to combine colours and blend them into one stroke with one brush. It is best practice to experiment using this technique with different size and type of brushes.

Split cakes and rainbow cakes in face painting can also be applied onto the skin using face painting sponges, We could use the longer flat surface of a half sponge to cover a large area using a large rainbow cake or if we wanted to cover a smaller area we could load up the tip of our half sponges.

My advice for loading up 1 inch flat brushes for face painting is to practice loading up the paint as it can be tricky and making sure that your brush isn’t too wet before picking up the split cake paints.

I hope you enjoyed this face painting class, I would love to know of your progress.

Maria xx

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