Fast Fairy Face Painting – How to face paint a fairy in under 2 minutes

I know exactly what it feels like when you have a huge line of eager kids waiting to be face painted at a festival or community event. When i’m In this situation I want to make sure that each and every child gets painted and also I want to make sure that they get something that they will love.

This super fast fairy face painting class will take you through the steps on face painting a simple yet very effective fairy on a child’s forehead using a fairy stencil and a one stroke split cake.

First load your sponge with white making sure that it isn’t on the watery side, you want to make sure that you have a sticky paint consistency on your sponge to effectively sponge the fairy stencil on without having it bleed under the stencil spreading the paint into a blob underneath.

Once your fairy stencil has been applied, choose your favourite one stroke colour combination and load up your 3/4 inch short flat brush to begin face painting on some loops which will be the fairies wings. We finish off by adding some curls, swirls and dots.

It is optional to outline the fairy. Outlining the fairy will take extra time so just leaving it as a sponged on fairy will be just as effective.

A quick pouf of glitter will bring this up a notch. I hope you enjoy recreating this! Happy Face Painting!

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