Finding Nemo Face Painting Class How to Face Paint Nemo

Ever wondered how to face paint Nemo? In this face painting class I will go through each step to get your Nemo face painting designs look vibrant and detailed.

The face paints that i’m using are TAG Orange, TAG Yellow as well as Superstar white for line work and Superstar Black for line work.

We start this cute Nemo face paint by painting on the orange on Nemo’s body in 4 pieces. To get the fine lines at the edge of Nemo’s fins I use a rake brush which we usually for painting on fur. This gives us the fine lines that fins have.

We then use our Superstar White to face paint on the white in between the orange. This is then followed by painting on the eyes, smile and outlining the areas which define the Clown Fish look.

We add some bubbles by using a fine liner brush and make some circles which aren’t full circle and by adding a dot or comma on either sides of the circle will make it look as though its shinning.

Our Nemo is now done!

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