Flamingo Face Paint How to Face Paint a Flamingo

How to face paint a flamingo. This Flamingo Face Paint design is inspired by Kidz R Kool who posted this original photo of the design on instagram which I just fell in love with! So I decided to have a few attempts in re-creating it.

I have seen a few Flamingo face painting designs out there but never one that sits on the eye like this and it really caught my eye.

My attempt is not as amazing as Kidz R Kool however I’m pretty glad with the outcome so I thought I’d share with you how I re-created it.

I have used TAG pale pink, white, and for the double dipping I have used global colours Magenta. For the Flamingo’s feathers, I have used the double dipping techniques using a number 8 face painting petal brush.

I hope that you enjoy this flamingo face painting tutorial.

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