Frankenstein Face Paint Quick 2 Minute

How to face paint a Frankenstein mask. Halloween is just around the corner and sometimes the choices in halloween faces out there are way to scary and creepy for toddlers or younger kids.

When face painting for Halloween events, I normally have a few scary face painting designs and a few un-scary face painting designs.

This Frankenstein face paint is usually a winner with the younger kids as its ghouly without scaring them.

You can face paint this Frankenstein face paint in less than 2 minutes using this split cake by Global Colours called Amazon

The brushe that I have used to pick up the Amazon split cake is a 3/4 inch flat brush which allows us to define Frankensteins face as well as cover a large area.

Once we have defined Frankensteins face, I load up my half circle face painting sponge with some light green which I then fill in the areas that need filling inside Frankensteins face.

Once this is all painted then we are ready to face paint on Frankensteins hair, lines & scar which are done with a number 6 round brush and a number 2 round brush.

I hope you enjoy this one, make sure you comment if you have any questions about it.


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