Free Face Painting Classes – Applying Powders and Sponges

In this Face Painting Class  we will talk about face painting with powders. The powders that I use are Starblends by Mehron which I find to be very easy to use. There are a variety of face painting powders out there so make sure you check them all out.

Powders are great to use on toddlers and kids that can not sit still at your face painting chair and you need to get their face painted quick smart. Face painting powders make it very easy for us to achieve a large coverage very quickly without having to activate it with water.

All that is needed is an applicator which are made of a spongy foam, the applicators that I use are called ‘Smoothie Blenders’ by Sillyfarm. There are others online called ‘lollipop applicators’ which you can find at any online face painting store.

We pick up face painting powders by rubbing our applicator onto the powder cake and smooth it onto the skin, easy as that!

We can also blend colours together using powders which always works well.

Although these face painting powders are super quick and convenient, they differ in vibrancy as they have more of an opaqueness on skin. Also they work well in humid climates as the powders sticks on more efficiently.

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