Free Face Painting Classes Online – Applying Stencils & Sponging

Applying face paints through a stencil onto the skin can be a tricky affair! In this face painting class I will show you all of the tips and techniques to use for successful transfer of paint through a stencil onto skin.

The biggest problem that face painters run into when applying stencils is having had the face paint bleed underneath the stencil which ends up looking like a blobby pattern as a result.

The secret to resolving this problem is to get the water  and paint ratio right so that you achieve the right consistency on your sponge. Your face painting sponge should feel like the paint on it is sticky and a lot drier than what paint would be on a brush.

I show you how to spread out patterns from one stencil throughout a larger area, how to use only a section of a stencil by using daubers which helps isolate shapes.

I also show you how to use powders with stenciling which i find is easier in that you don’t have to calculate your paint to water ratio to prevent bleeding.

I hope you enjoy this face painting class. I would love to know of your thoughts and progress so make sure you get in touch.

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