Free Face Painting Classes Online – Introduction to Face Paints and applying them

Are you looking for face painting classes? You have come to the right place. I have been face painting for over 6 years and I love teaching others how to face paint and helping them along in their face painting journey.

In this face painting class, we talk about the types of face paints that are available and how to use them and apply them onto the skin. It can be very overwhelming when you see the wide variety that there is out there on the market. Here are 3 things to consider when buying face paints:

  • Do not use any cheap craft store paints that are cheaply made. Safety should come first.
  • Never use craft paints or acrylic paints on the skin, some paints are labelled “Non-Toxic” however this doesn’t mean that they are ok to use on skin.
  • Only buy professional face paint makeup that is FDA approved for use on skin.

Popular Face Painting Brands:

Wolfe, TAG, Kryolan, Paradise, Mehron, Cameleon, Snazaroo

All of these professional face paints are activated with water so It is important that we carry a water well / tub in our face painting kit.

This face painting class shows you how to work your face painting brushes into the paint and how to apply them onto your skin.

The main colours that go through a tonne of are Black and White. The reason being is that in face painting we mainly use our line work to define, outline or add elements to complete a design and this is generally done with black and white.

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