Giraffe Face Paint How to Face Paint a Giraffe

This face painting class I show you how to face paint a Giraffe. May I add that I don’t normally get asked to face paint a giraffe, however in the odd occasion that a child asks me on the job to face paint them as a giraffe, this is my absolute favorite as it is fun and it can be painted in a fairly short period of time. As face painters we know how important it is to face paint beautifully in a short amount of time when we have loads of kids to get through.

This giraffe face paint consists of Golden Yellow, Brown which is sponged on through a BAM stencil and regular black for line work and white for the giraffes eye.The brushes used to face paint on the golden yellow is a large filbert brush. The eye is then painted on using a number 3 round brush then the line work is done with a number 4 round brush.

I originally saw this design on Pintrest which gave me the idea to use on the kids I face paint, I love it so much that I was really looking forward to sharing it with you! I hope you love it!

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