Grasshopper face paint – How to face paint a grasshopper

In today’s face painting class we will learn to face paint a grasshopper. The main brushes that i’m using are number 6 round brush, number 3 round brush, we will also use a 3/4 inch flat angled brush which will help us face paint hes body. If you’re wanting to learn how to face paint a grasshopper make sure you watch this face painting lesson.

When I received the request from one of my lovely YouTube followers, I felt pretty challenged as I’ve never face painted a grasshopper before. After searching through google for some examples of other face painters grasshopper face paint designs, I stumbled across the realization that it isn’t common and that there are probably only 3 examples of grasshopper face paint designs out there on our huge world wide web! WHAT!? I thought that was crazy so I was so motivated to come up with my own Grasshopper face paint design. I really hope that you enjoy this Grasshoppper face panting lesson.

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