How to face paint a bunny rabbit

You can find bunny rabbit face painting ideas all over the internet all you have to do is search #bunnyrabbitfacepaint in any social media platform particularly Pinterest and you will find a huge selection out there of incredibly talented face painters and body painters’ work.

The bunny rabbit that I like to face paint is this full face bunny rabbit face paint which i mainly face paint at birthday parties and the girls just love it. You can also face paint this bunny rabbit brown by using brown face paint.

In this bunny rabbit face painting class we will also incorporate face painting powders which softens the colours up. I’m using Starblends pink and white using a lollipop applicator. For the white of the rest of the bunny I am using superstar white for the whiskers line work and global colours white for the coverage.

I hope you enjoy this! Do you want to learn something new? Let me know and I’ll bring out a tutorial just for you. Xx

Happy Painting!


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