How to face paint a butterfly with Starblends Face Painting Powders

How to face paint a butterfly using powders. When it comes to the warmer months the humidity scale here in Sydney Australia is up. This means that when I arrive to face paint the kids at children’s birthday parties or even at a festival event it seems that every single child is super sweaty and have sunscreen lathered all over their faces which makes face paints hard to adhere to. Besides that, I’m always concerned that half of their painted faces will melt in the heat!

The solution to this problem is by using face painting powders. There are a few out there in the market however the only ones I have tried are Starblends by Mehron. I haven’t had a problem with them and they work fine in my experience.

I have received a few requests for some starblends face painting ideas so I want to share with you how I face paint a simple butterfly using starblends Red, Yellow and Orange.

I start by applying on the background using a smoothie blender or Lolly pop sponge applicator. Start by applying the red in the outer of the butterfly wings and working our way to the inner part of the butterfly wings by blending orange and yellow.

We complete the butterfly face painting design by outlining and adding stars and a cluster of dots.

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