How to Face Paint a Dalmatian Puppy Dog

How to face paint a Dalmatian dog. It is a must to be able to face paint a dog if you are face painting mainly at kids parties and events.

In this tutorial I take you step by step into creating this black and white spotty Dalmatian puppy dog.

We begging by using our face painting sponge to sponge on the shape of the Dalmatians face, ears, cheeks. Once that is achieved we get straight into the line work using black face paint, I begin outlining the ears then the fur around the face before painting on the Dalmatians spots, muzzle, whiskers and nose.

Lastly using a filbert face paint brush I brush on the tongue which is hanging out of the Dalmatian dogs mouth.

Depending on the child’s face colouring I normally use the white face paint for shaping the bulk of the dogs face when I am painting a lighter skin tone, however when i’m Painting a child who’s skin is a little darker or tanned I will use my white Starblends powder, which is much more noticeable on darker skin.

This is a fun Dalmatian dog design which boys and girls both absolutely love.

I hope you have fun practicing it. Happy face painting!

Maria Mitchell xo

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