How to face paint a lady bug lady beetle using starblends

As face painters we all know that speed is important when face painting a long line of kids who are eager to have their face painted.

I find that face painting powders are brilliant in helping us cover a large area of the face quickly and easily without having to use water and a sponge. One of the best things about my Starblends face painting powders is all i need to do is rub my applicator onto the powder to pick up a generous amount and apply it onto the skin.

They are also wonderful in the summer time when the kids are sweaty. In numerous occasions I’ve face painted a child and 30 mins later after running around and working up a sweat, that kid will come back with half of he’s face paint smudged off by sweat.. Arrggh!

The solution to this is using face painting powders. In this face painting lesson i will show you how to face paint a lady bug or lady beetle by using red Starblends

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