How to face paint a layered butterfly – Butterfly face paint

There are so many different types of butterfly face paint designs out there, you just need to do a google search for butterfly face paint and you will see a tonne of great butterfly face paint ideas.

There are a number of techniques, in this face painting class we sponge on the inner of the butterfly wings as well as using one strokes to define the outer edges of the wings as well as picking another complimentary one stroke colour combination to add some definition inside of the edges.

If you are face painting a long line of kids and need to get your butterfly face paint done in a hurry, you can achieve a great result by just using one strokes or just have your butterfly sponged on and outlined.

Here are my top 3 tips in creating great butterfly face paint designs:

  1. 1. Make sure that you place soft lighter colours in the inner of the wings where the bridge of the nose is.
  2. Make sure that the bottom wing isn’t as tall and deep as the top wing, as a rule I make sure that the bottom wing is half the depth of the top wing.
  3. The top wing should span from the inner of the eye brow at the centre of the face through to just above the temple bringing it out which allows the wings loops to come down vertically.

I am using Bright Rainbow rainbow cake by TAG, Neon Nirvana rainbow cake and for the inner wing details I’m using Punky Deb’s by Cameleon.

I hope you enjoy this and benefit from it! XO


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