How to Face Paint a Peacock Feature Easily

In this face painting tutorial, we will learn how o face paint a Peacock Feather. I have always loved Peacock feathers, the colours which are found in peacock feathers are just stunning together. The other day at a face painting job for a corporate event I had a teenager ask me to face paint some pretty peacock feathers for her which was great because I hadn’t face painted a Peacock feather in quite some time. So I searched through my face painting kit and stumbled across a gorgeous Fun Stroke by Global Colours which you can find in one of their palette range called ‘Rainbow Burst’. We use this fun stroke loaded up with a 3/4 inch flat brush for the middle chunky part of the Peacock feather and then use a range of colours for the fine feathers which stem from the middle of the feather’s stem.

With a number 1 round brush or a liner brush I begin painting on thin brush strokes and tear drops starting from the middle heading up out and up around the chunky middle piece of the top of the feather making the ends flick upwards.

During the majority of this face painting tutorial I cover the brush strokes that we use to create the fine feathers. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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