How to Face Paint a Unicorn Pegasus

How to face paint a unicorn Pegasus. – When it comes to face painting kids, in particular girls, Unicorns are a hit. Lets face it, we all love unicorns, they are beautiful, magical creatures.

In this face painting class, I show you step by step how to face paint a unicorn, by painting on the unicorn head followed by adding some small tear drops to paint on the unicorn’s maine. With a fine brush like a number 0 is 1 round brush, paint on the unicorn eye, and facial feature along with outlining it.

This face painting design makes it a Pegasus by adding its wing, which we do by using an angled 3/4” flat brush and painting each loop to make the wing.

Finally we decorate this unicorn face paint design by adding some swirls and dots on the wing. You can amp it up by poufing some glitter over it or brushing on some pixie paint for extra shimmer.

Hope you enjoyed this face painting class. Xx

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