How to face paint flowers easily – Brush techniques for face painting Flowers

Face painting flowers easily comes with some practice. Once you learn the basic petals and ways that you can form beautiful looking flowers and flora using the correct brushes you will be on the right track in perfecting your face painted flowers.

One of the important things is to use the right brushes. Once you get your hands on some flower petal brushes or flora brushes you will realise how easy it will become to face paint gorgeous flowers effortlessly.

In this face painting class I show you how to face paint round petal flowers, pointy petals, carnations, roses, frangipanis and tulips. I will explain and show you how to place your flora and petal brushes in order to get perfect looking flowers every time.

Check out my Calla Lily Face Painting Tutorial where I teach you step by step how to paint these gorgeous flowers.

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