How to face paint Olaf from Frozen

Learn how to face paint Olaf the snowman from the movie Frozen. Kids absolutely love this face paint as it is different to the regular Elsa crowns that are so common.

In this Olaf face painting tutorial, we start the Olaf face paint Design by loading our face paint sponges on both ends, one end loaded with silver and the other end loaded with light blue face paint. Make sure that when we load our face painting sponges with paint that we don’t overdo it with spraying the sponge with water. This will cause the face paint to become runny which when applied to the skin will run down the child’s face.

Once the background is sponges onto the child’s forehead, with some white face paint, we begin to draw and fill the shape that is Olaf’s head and body.

We lastly conclude with applying some line work to define the outline of the entire Olaf design and add some dots and stars to complete.

I hope you enjoyed re-creating this design.

Happy Face Painting! XO

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