How to fix Cracked Face Painting Powders

Find out how to fix cracked face painting powders.

I love face painting with powders, it makes face painting quicker In terms of loading colour as you don’t need water to smear them on unlike water activated face paints.

Have you ever had your face painting powders crack? I have had this happen to me several times on the job which is frustrating as the powder just spreads everywhere leaving a mess in your face painting kit. This is how I fix my Starblends face painting powders. It is very simple and you will need minimal tools which you can find in your kitchen at home.

If you are like me and love having all of your face paints and face powders organised then this one’s also for you. You can use this method to re-pot your powders into smaller compartments to have them nice and compact in your face painting kit.

Check out how I have organised my face painting kit.

Learn how to repot your face paints into your face painting kit

Hope this helps!


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