How to load your brush for One Stroke Face Painting

Learn how to load your face painting brush for one stroke face painting. How to use split cakes for one stroke face painting.
In this Face Painting Tutorial you will discover my quick tips for using split cakes for face painting.

I remember having lots of trouble applying split cakes when I began face painting many years ago. The main problem I had was not knowing how much water to use to activate the split cakes.

Over the years I have come to adapt this technique that never lets me down. There are many techniques that others use to load split cakes onto their face painting brushes however I have found this to be the easiest in controlling the amount of water that comes onto your split cake.

In this split cake loading tutorial I will use a one inch flat brush however I do explain the uses of the angled flat brushes as well.

My one stroke split cake loading technique consists of submersing my flat one inch face painting brush into the water right down to the farrell to saturate it. I then swipe the brush on both sides to get rid of any excess face paint. Now your brush is ready to load up with your chosen split cake.

I hope you enjoyed this split cake one stroke face painting tutorial!

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