Lion Face Painting Tutorial – How to face paint a lion face

Learn how to paint this lion face painting design. Here we learn how to face paint a simple lion face. My step by step instructions show you how to create the ‘ROARIEST’ lion in all of the jungle!

To begin, I show you how to define the lighter parts of the lions face by sponging on the lions muzzle and edge of ears.

Once they have been sponged on we then grab a new face painting sponge where we can load it with orange and brown, one colour on either end of the sponge.

This is when we start to sponge on the lions ears and inside of the lions face, inside the Maine using a dabbing motion. Then when we’re happy with that we are ready to sponge on the Maine of the lions face.

Lastly we work on defining the lions fur with black, you can choose to use a dark brown which is darker than the brown face paint already used on the lions main, however I like using black as it really defines the lions fur.

I hope you have fun face painting this lion face painting design.

Happy Face Painting xo


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