Mermaid Face Painting – How to Face Paint a Mermaid

How to face paint a mermaid. This Mermaid face painting design is popular with the girls. With some dedication into practice time you will master this mermaid face painting design and will be able to paint it with ease.

To begin this mermaid face paint I start by loading up some gold paint onto my brush to define the mermaid’s skin. You can use any other skin colour. I paint on the mermaids face, neck, shoulders, arms and hands followed by face painting on her torso.

Using an angled brush I load up some purple and pink which i’m picking up from a split cake as shown. Start face painting on the mermaids hair by making some simple swirled strokes upwards which will give the impression that her hair is flowing through the waters current.

Using some pink face paint I begin face painting on her bra top which while consist of some small brush strokes inward.

Load up some light blue or light green face paint (I have used a shimmery face paint) commence face painting on the mermaids tail.

Lastly we will outline the mermaid using a number 1 round brush which my brush of choice for outlining small areas using super thin lines. We will then make some brush strokes to create some hightlights throughout our entire Mermaid face painting design.

A cluster of white dots of all different sizes will give us the impression that this mermaid is surrounded by water bubbles under the ocean.

I hope you enjoy face painting this super sweet mermaid 🙂

Happy Face Painting xo

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