Mermaid Face Painting Tutorial – How to face paint a mermaid

Mermaid Face Painting Class

I can’t deny it, I have a fascination with mermaids, when I was little I remember wanting to be a mermaid ‘when I grow up’. The fascination with mermaids for children of today still remains. Lets face it they are mystical, pretty and have cool pink, blue, green hair 🙂

In this face painting class, I will take you through face painting this mermaid which appears to be leaning against your eye brows and its fin is dangling down the side of your face.

Its a personal favourite mermaid face painting design as it can be achieved very fast without outlining or you can make it elaborate by adding stars, curls and swirls and of course a mermaid design needs glitter!

You can mix this up with any split cake colour combinations that you like.

Let me know how you go in re-creating this. Happy Face Painting!

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