Mermaid Face Painting Tutorial Learn how to face paint a Mermaid

There are many ways to face paint a Mermaid. Sometimes it all depends on the face painting job that you’re at and how much time you have to face paint each child. This Mermaid face paint is quite a popular one on my face painting board and I find that it doesn’t take a lot of time to paint.

I used to loathe face painting mermaids because of all of the detail required, however with plenty of practice you too can also face paint this Mermaid in a minimal amount of time.

The skin tonne face paint that I’ve used for the Mermaids heart shaped face is in this Global Colours Skin Tone Palette which is brilliant because it also comes with a round brush.

We start off by face painting the Mermaids skin including her face, arms and hands followed by her hair then her tail. We then finish off with our line work which puts the entire Mermaid face paint design together.

I hope you enjoy re-creating this and as always Happy Painting!

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