My Face Painting Craft n Go Alternative – How I made my face painting kit

The Craft n Go Paint Station is something that I’ve been wanting for some time now however when you take into consideration the cost of shipping all the way to Australia it amounts to about $800 which can be a little on the pricey side for most of us.

I have been admiring the Craft n Go for a long while so after using my make up artist kit on wheels for a couple of years, I thought I’d pimp it up so that I can utilise the space better and use magnets to stick on my face paints onto.

I have only just completed this project a couple of days a go and had the pleasure of taking it to a face painting gig this morning which proved to be THE BOMB 😀

I am excited to share with you how i turned my face paining kit into a Craft n Go alternative for a lot less money.

The case that I have used is called a portable ‘Light up Make Up Studio’ which you can search for online and purchase for approx $300 max. I got mine second hand from Gumtree which is a local Classifieds site here in Australia.

I then bought a Magnetic Whiteboard from my local OfficeWorks and ripped the framing off it until i was left with the cardboard and the magnetic thin sheet. This is a much lighter alternative to getting a metal or aluminium sheet.

The Magnets i used are called ‘Rare Earth Magnets’ which I bought from AMF in Australia and stuck them onto the bottom of my paint containers with Duct tape (Duck brand is the strongest)

Such an easy little project which has made a world of a difference during my face painting experience on the job.

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