One Stroke Pretty Leopard Face Painting Class

Leopards are often requested at my face painting gigs. Snow leopards are generally quite popular however this pretty purple and blue leopard or cheetah face paint really grabs little girls’ attention.

Its soft in appearance as it has a pretty flower on its head and smaller girls always choose this over a snow leopard when they’re browsing through my face painting board.

Although this face painting design is mainly using one stroke face painting technique we will also sponge on the lighter blue on the middle of the face.

I am using Sillyfarms’ pixie rainbow cake called ‘Dragon’. The Purple and the blue is loaded onto my 3/4 inch angled flat brush which is used to create the outline of the leopards face. We then sponge on the inner of the face followed by using the light blue and white on our rainbow cake to paint on the muzzle.

We then use the purple from our rainbow cake for all of our line work including the leopards spots.

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