Paw Patrol Marshall Face Painting Class

How to face paint Paw Patrol Marshall. Marshall from Paw Patrol is a popular face painting request from boys and Skye Paw Patrol is super popular with the girls.

In this Face Painting Class I take you through the steps in face painting Paw Patrol’s Marshall. I begin with using a red, orange and yellow split cake and face painting on a one stroke arch across the child’s forehead.

Before face painting on the Marshall Paw Patrol’s paws I like to dab my sponge on the wet face paint to get rid of any excess to make sure that the white face paint does’nt pick up any colour underneath.

When face painting on the paws we paint on a semi circle then on top we paint on the 3 dots which will complete Marshall’s paw.

The outline of the shield on Marshall Paw Patrol’s hat will come next using white face paint then carefully filling in the black in between the paws.

Using grey and white from my one stroke using a small angled brush, start painting on Marshall’s face, I like using this one stroke on skulls and black and white puppy dogs as it gives it a 3 dimensional look.

Our Marshall Paw Patrol face painting is then finished off with  outlining the entire design and face painting on Marshall’s cute little black nose.

Enjoy! Xx

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