Pretty Eye Design Face Painting Tutorial Using Starblends

I have always loved face painting eye designs which are full of colour and sparkle. When face painting at kids parties I have a set up where the children can pick the face painting they would like from a board.

In this board I have this pretty eye design which is super popular with the older kids. I’m keen to share my tutorial with you on how to face paint this so I hope you like it!

In this face painting tutorial, I am using powders, the brand that happens to be in my face painting kit is ‘Starblends’ I have been using them for some time now and I am very happy with them, they are easy to apply onto the skin using a spongy applicator and have the same amount of vibrancy that face paint has to some extent.

I find that Face Painting Powders are very convenient when face painting in a hurry as there is no need to apply water to active, its simply just a matter of rubbing the spongy applicator onto the powder cake and then applying it to the skin by rubbing it on.

You can mix this up by using a combination of other colours or maybe even using a different colour for the line work.

Whatever colours you decide to use and play around with I hope you enjoy re-creating this one.

Happy Face Painting!

Maria xoxo

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