Quick, Fast and Easy Princess Crown Face Painting Tutorial

When I rock up to a face painting gig. I’m always curious as to how many kids will turn up. When i’m faced with a long line of kids that are waiting to be face painted, I normally have a bunch of super easy and quick face painting designs to offer the kids. This fast, quick and easy princess crown is one of them.

This princess crown face painting design usually takes me under 1 minute to face paint. Once you have practiced it and once you get used to painting it, I am sure it will take you less than 1 minute as well. You will need a 3/4 inch flat face painting brush, Kalahari Split Cake by Global Colours, a number 4 round brush, a liner brush and ordinary white face paint.

This princess crown consists of a centre piece along with some loops and teardrops spanning on each end. This princess crown looks stunning with some glitter on it or some pixie paint.

I hope this helps you! Happy Painting!


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