Rainbow Butterfly Face Paint How to Face Paint a Rainbow Butterfly

How to face paint a rainbow butterfly.

Just the other day my beautiful neice came over, I could not help but ask her if she would like to volunteer as my little helper by posing as my face painting face.

There are a huge variety of butterfly face painting designs out there to draw inspiration from. This rainbow butterfly face painting is a quick and easy one for when we are busy face painting a big line and need to face paint each child as quickly as possible.

Its colourful and effective and would make any child happy to be wearing on his or her face.

We begin by using a petal face painting sponge to pick up the gorgeous colours of this rainbow cake called ‘fairy floss’. I then begin dabbing on the paint covering the top of the child’s eye lids spanning over to the temples. I repeat this on both sides.

With a number 4 round brush I begin painting on my brush strokes in black to define the outline of the butterfly’s wings, together with painting on the butterfly’s body and antennas.

I pick out a pretty purple gem to stick onto the butterfly’s head, once that is done we will load up our face painting brush with white and begin dotting on a sequence of dots to span through the outline and around the butterfly’s wings. This butterfly face paint design is brought to life with some stars and pixie paint.

Have a great time face painting this rainbow butterfly. Happy painting!

Maria xo

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