Rainbow Face Paint Easy and Fast

This Rainbow face painting is easy and quick. It is great for when you have a long line of kids waiting to be face painted and you have to come up with something ultra colourful and striking quickly.

In this tutorial I have used a rainbow split cake which is super vibrant, however you can also mix this up by using any colour combination split cake which will also work just beautifully.

Using a 1 inch flat brush, I paint on the arch that makes the rainbow. Once this dries, paint on the cloud underneath one end of the rainbow.

Following this add the brush strokes which all direct to the edge of the child’s eye. Adding some additional swirls and curls, some rain drops, stars and dots will complete this vibrant rainbow face paint design.

Finishing up, I load my filbert brush with some Pixie paint by American body art, the one I used is called “Abracadabra” and by painting it onto unpainted skin makes this design sparkle like crazy in the light. I have to say that Pixie Paint is a real crowd pleaser!

Have fun face painting this Rainbow design 🙂

Maria xo

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