Rainbow Flower Body & Face Painting Tutorial

In today’s face painting tutorial we will learn to paint a quick and easy rainbow flower design which you can easily execute in under 2 minutes!
With some practice and confidence, this can be your ‘go to’ when you are asked for something ‘small and pretty’ once you’re at the end of a gig and don’t have much time to spend on a full face paint.

You can use any Rainbow Split cake one stroke cake that you fancy, in today’s face painting tutorial I chose to use Leannes Rainbow One Stroke Split Cake bu Global Colours which is gorgeous once applied to the skin. We will apply this split cake with a one inch flat brush. Once our pretty rainbow is done, we will use a number 8 petal brush to double dip our flower petals.

Load your petal brush with some white until you achieve a creamy consistency and have a generous amount of face paint on your one inch flat brush.  Spray with water another colour, in this instance we will use purple. Spraying it with water will activate the paint and get it ready for dipping. Swipe with a baby wipe or towel any excess face paint off your petal brush which will allow us to dip the tip into our purple colour.

To apply the flowers we will bring our petal brush flat from the tip through to the bottom of the Farrell. When starting out this may take some time to perfect so I really encourage you to practice your flower petals. I really hope you enjoyed this face painting tutorial!

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