Rocket Ship Face Painting Class – How to face paint a rocket ship fast

In this face painting class we learn howt to face paint a super quick one stroke rocket ship or space design for the boys and girls who are fascinated with space.

When it comes to face painting space themes, it can get difficult as space is mainly dark so painting on a dark sponged on background with any good quality white face paint can be challenging when we are trying not to drag the black face paint underneath along with the white face paint. This is exactly why I love this space themed face paint design as there isn’t any need to sponge on any dark greys, blue’s or blacks.

We start the face painting class by face painting on a dash curving upwards then with a black and grey one stroke we paint on the grey rocket ship, we finish it off by sponging on with a circle dauber ‘Saturn’ and finish it off by outlining it.

Voila! This is the easier, quickest space themed face painting design that works for me. Do you have any others? Make sure you share them with me by tagging me.

Happy Face Painting! Xo

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