Shark Face Painting Class How to Face Paint a Shark

In this face painting class, we will learn how to face paint a shark.

I have seen many shark face paintings where the shark jaws wrap around the child’s eye or the sharks jaws around the mouth so that the child’s teeth appear to be the sharks teeth. They are super clever and look very effective, however in today’s face painting class this shark face painting design shows the shark facing us head on.

This shark face paint consists of using a blue, aqua and white one stroke split cake, a lighter blue, red, black and white face paints.

We begin by face painting on the sharks facial expression, he’s cranky eyes, then we continue by face painting on the sharks head, fins, teeth and eyes. Once the shark is painted we work on painting on some circles and ‘c’s which are the bubbles under the water.

Once you practice this one a few times, you will be face painting it with your eyes closed 🙂

I’d love to see your versions, please tag me if you share your’s.

Happy Face Painting! Xo

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