Snow Leopard Face Painting Tutorial – How to Face Paint a Snow Leopard

My snow leopard face painting is super popular with the girls lately. There seems to be a real fascination with Snow Leopards, particularly with the 6-7 year olds… I don’t blame them, Snow Leopards are stunning looking animals.

In this face painting tutorial I guide you step by step through all of the steps on how to face paint a cute snow leopard.

To start this Snow Leopard face painting design I want to begin by sponging on my base which is the colour of the Snow Leopard which is generally white or grey and white. For this tutorial I will use just white.

With your face painting sponge nicely loaded up with White, you will sponge on the leopards ears as well as between the ears. Then I like to work my way down towards the edges of the child’s lips.

Once the base is sponged on, we will begin our line work which will define all of the cool features that a snow leopard has. I’ll outline in black the snow leopards ears, between the ears then come down along the sides of the snow leopards face to define some fur.

Lets now begin by face painting on the snow leopards muzzle and nose. Lastly by not least as this is the distinguishing feature that snow leopards have, we will paint on the leopards spots which will resemble ‘c’s throughout the cheeks and you may even want to face paint some on above the eyes if you have the space. A thumb of rule when painting on these spots is to make sure that they are larger at the edge of the face and smaller as we come towards the centre of the face.

Once our snow leopards spots are painted on, lets add a pink love heart at the centre of the nose to soften up this design.

With a pouf of glitter, your snow leopard will be ready to pounce around and growl to its hearts content 🙂

Hope you loved this snow leopard face painting tutorial

Happy Face Painting!

Maria xo

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