Top 5 tips for face painting with Starblends How to face paint using powders

Face painting with powders is great during the warmer months when the humidity levels in the air rise. Here in Australia it can get very humid which can make it tricky when face painting sweaty children.

Face painting powders are also brilliant for quick face painting as you don’t need to spray sponges in order to apply large areas with face paint. All that is required is picking up a generous amount of powder with your smoothie blender or sponge ‘Lolly pop’ applicator and smearing it on to the skin. It’s as easy as that.

Covering a large area quickly works very well with Face painting powders and let’s face it, as face painters, we often have to cover large areas of the face in a minimal amount of time.

The face painting powders that I use are Mehron’s Starblends which have been good for me, you can find them at any face painting store online.

In this face painting class, we learn 5 ways that we can apply our face painting powders.

Face Painting Backgrounds

We can use face painting powders as a quick way to apply backgrounds to a face painting design. I show you an example of a flower painted onto a pink background.

Blending Colours

We can blend complimenting colours to great a gradient effect. In this face painting tutorial I show you how to do this by creating a sunset behind a palm tree silhouette.

Full Face Painting Designs

Face painting with powders allows us to face paint a full face with ease and we are able to define features easily.

Draw with your face painting powders

We can draw with face painting powders, in this face painting tutorial i show you how we can define and draw with our Starblends.

Stencilling with powders

We can also use stencils with powders. Instead of loading up your sponge to sponge on a stencil, you will find that powders make it super easy to stencil on perfectly.

Starblends are brilliant to use on your face painting practice however they are a pressed powder so they are susceptible to cracking. If you find your self in this dilemma, see how to fix your face painting powders here.

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