Top 8 Tips on Starting your own face painting business

Today’s face painting class is based on giving you my top tips which helped my get my face painting business on track. When I started my face painting business almost 8 years ago I had a full time office job which was my  main source of income in which I stayed in until I had a consistent amount of work coming in.

There are a few things in which I adopted which boosted my online presence and those things I discuss in this video where I tell you the 8 top tips which helped my start my own face painting business successfully.

Here is a summary of what is outlined in detail in this video:

  1. Love your job
  2. What area will you service
  3. Keep your main source of income until you’re getting consistent amount of work
  4. Clarity on Services you offer
  5. Website and SEO
  6. Your Google Maps Listing
  7. Social Media
  8. Ease of Booking your service

I elaborate on each of these points and all of the things that has worked for my business Silly Cheeks Northern Beaches.

Useful Links

The online booking calender which I use on my website is called WP booking calendar

SEO Search Engine Optimisation tips:

How to place your business on Google Maps:

Wix free websites:


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