Unicorn face paint step by step

I don’t know of any child that does not like a unicorn face paint, apart from most boys that aren’t too keen on getting a Unicorn face paint! Almost any birthday party or community event at which I face paint, it is 100% guaranteed that I will at least face paint 1 unicorn.

Learning to face paint unicorns can be a little frustrating and takes some time and lots of practice to master.

With the right face painting tools it can be done with much more ease. The face painting tools that i’m using are, round brushes, which you can find any any face paint shop online. For the background of the unicorn i’m using a Sunset Split cake by TAG, turquoise colour by TAG, as well as my WOLFE white and black paints.

I hope you benefit from this tutorial, Please get in touch if you have any questions on how to face paint Unicorns.

Much love,
Maria xx

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