Unicorn Love – Valentines Day Unicorn Face Painting Tutorial

Unicorn Love Face Painting Tutorial for Valentines Day

Unicorns have always been a favourite and with Valentines Day fast approaching I thought I’d share with you this face painting design which I’ve been face painting at my recent face painting gigs and it has proven to be a hit with the Unicorn crazed little girls out there! 🙂

It’s such a cute Valentines Face Painting design that I thought I’d share it with all of you. The face paints that I’m using are mainly global colours and Superstar white (for line work) be sure to get the one for line work as they do have a specific one just for that.

Global colours Iceland is the blue split cake which I used for the Blue unicorn Maine which swoops out and down in a curl creating the bottom of the love hear

For the Pink Unicorn Maine I used a beautiful split cake which i also love to use for roses Global Colours Dublin

If you are wanting the complete Global Colours Rainbow Burst Face Painting Pallette, you can find it at my online face painting shop here

Once our cute loved up unicorns have been painted i finish off the face painting design with a series of teardrops, swirls and dots which brings the entire face painting design together.

If you are struggling with your tear drops and line work, this face painting class shows you how to perfect them

I really hope that this has given you some Valentines Day inspiration for any of your upcoming face painting gigs leading up to it.

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