Unicorn Mask Face Painting Class – How to Face Paint a Unicorn Mask

In this face painting class I will show you how to face paint a unicorn face mask. It takes a little practice in perfecting unicorn heads which are exactly like face painting horse heads. In this face painting tutorial, I show you just how to face paint a unicorn head which is really just a bunch of brush strokes using a short flat angled half inch brush with grey loaded on the tip and white loaded on the heel using TAG’s Magpie split cake.

For the mask itself I am using Cool Caribbean Rainbow Cake by Sillyfarm which is one of my many favourite rainbow cakes which I love using for mask bases, butterflies, cats and dog face paints and backgrounds.

Using a number 6 round brush I am face painting on a series of carefully placed thick to thin tear drops coming in from the outer and making them thinner as they reach the inner of the face. This gives us a striking edge to the mask.

We finish off face painting our unicorn mask by outlining it with a metallic bronze using a number 2 round brush.

You can add bio glitter or pixie paint to this face painting design or leave it as is. I hope you enjoyed it!

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